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Coinciding with the release of the feature doco on film critic David Stratton here's an ASIO surveillance photo of David on his way to the Russian Embassy.  ASIO decided that those interested in screening films from China or Russia had to be fellow travellers with the Communist Party.  This still is taken from our award winning series PERSONS OF INTEREST.  Note what a dapper figure David cuts.  He always took pride in his appearanceSTRATTON

A Smart St. Taster 

Here's a sample of some of the films in our catalogue.  Do yourself a favour and buy one for that special, if a little strange, loved one.  Actually you're doing us a favour but we'll return it with the enjoyment you'll get from these unique films.



Ghosts Of The Civil Dead

SYNOPSIS:  This is a startling and powerful film set entirely within the confines of a modern maximum security prison.  It goes beyond the traditional prison film themes of good and evil to draw a frightening allegorical portrait of the nature and organisation of our society.  On release this film caused heated debate worldwide.  This is the first feature by Australian Director John Hillcoat who has worked closely with Nick Cave on a number of projects including The Proposition and The Road.  Cave composed the music for Ghosts with Mick Harvey and makes an unforgettable screen debut as the crazed Maynard.  The DVD extras include world exclusive interviews with Cave and an extraordinary insight into the creative process he uses to develop his writing and characters.
These DVD copies are the last original copies.  There will be no more made.  The rest are all pirates.  The DVD, authored by Haydn Keenan from Smart St. Films, brings together the most comprehensive collection of DVD extras ever assembled for an Australian film.  Once these copies are sold that's it.  The Producer has indicated there will be no more made. 

Censorship Rating: R
Length: 90 Minutes
Country of Origin: Australia
Year of Production: 1982
Producer: Evan English
Director: John Hillcoat
Performers: Nick Cave, David Field, Dave Mason, Vincent Gil

"Echoes of Stanley Kubrick at his most uncompromising..." - Derek Malcolm, The Guardian

"The most powerful film ever to come out of Australia." - Andrew Urban, The Age.




Ghosts Of The Civil Dead
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For the last 45 years we've shot films all round the world on a wide variety of subjects. From sport to politics and art we have a unique library of moving and still images. We make these available to filmmakers and private individuals for use in other films or just to own personally.  In particular our extraordinary range of surveillance films and photographs are a unique resource.

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For HD movies or hand printed stills on acid free paper contact us: 

The Meaning Of Zombies

We're at treatment stage of a fun new piece.  They're on your TV, your phone and your playstation.  They're more prevalent than at any time since the 1960s.  



They're the monster du jour.  Everyone's doing it. READ MORE


  John Cooper-Clarke


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John Cooper Clarke is one of our favourite poets.  His tight rhythms and sharp insights have outlived the punk scene in which he first emerged, opening for acts such as The Clash, Joy Division and Elvis Costello.  He's one of England's National Treasures.  The following interview with John appeared in the English magazine The Idler which gives a great insight into his thinking and how amphetamines saved western democracy.