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Smart St Documentaries

We've been making documentaries for fifty years.  Here's a sample of our past production and what we're working on now.   They're all available from our catalogue





Chaos reigns as nightmares stalk the streets of Sydney.
Comic genius David Argue is Kales Leadingham the cosmic surveyor with a sixth sense and Amanda Dole is the beautiful dingo girl intent on finding out why her parents tried to sacrifice her at Ayers Rock.  Brought up by dingos she's back in Bondi and she's pissed off.  This is a sweet new digitization.


Pick Me Up & Run

SYNOPSIS: This is a simple and very entertaining guide, produced in conjunction with the Australian Rugby Football Union, to playing and watching the game of rugby. The national team shows us what they do, how to play the game and how to get the most enjoyment from it. The production uses humour, great match footage and Australia's best players to produce a highly paced and enjoyable introduction to this rapidly expanding sport.


Censorship Rating: G
Length: 50 Minutes
Country of Origin: Australia
Year of Production: 1995
Producer: Haydn Keenan & Peter Fenton
Director: Haydn Keenan & Peter Fenton
Performers Australia's Rugby team, The Wallabies. Narrated by "The Voice of Rugby" - Gordon Bray. Featuring the "Groundsman From Hell" - Peter "FAB" Fenton.

"You don't have to know all the rules of the game - I certainly don't - the important thing is to enjoy the game" - David Campese (Australia's most capped international player)

Subject area Sport/Psychology/Education


Pick Me Up & Run
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For the last 45 years we've shot films all round the world on a wide variety of subjects. From sport to politics and art we have a unique library of moving and still images. We make these available to filmmakers and private individuals for use in other films or just to own personally.  In particular our extraordinary range of surveillance films and photographs are a unique resource.

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For HD movies or hand printed stills on acid free paper contact us: 

In Development

Zombies, Dandies, Winston Churchill, show biz scoundrels and aunt Mabel's millions.  


   Of Monsters & Men  
We've got a wide ranging slate in development. READ MORE


    Terry Southern

terry southern          
    The Hippest Guy On The Planet

Dr. Strangelove, Candy, Magic Christian, Easyrider you name it Terry Southern had a profound influence on American cinema and our understanding of the absurdity of life.