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                The Promised Land
Following the 1971 Aquarius festival in Nimbin NSW many people decided not to return to the city and that way of life.  Many took the plunge and decided to stay in the vicinity.  Locals were leaving in droves.  They were eagerly replaced by tribes of hippies keen to practise a countercultural lifestyle. So began an invasion that was to change to face of country Australia as feral hippies took to the streets confident, cashed up and semi naked.  It wouldn’t be long before friction turned to fire.                                                                                            



                                     Ningla ANa. Tent Embassy Photo Noel Hazard Distributed by Smart St. Films copy 2                                                                                                                                                                                         Photo by Noel Hazard 
We did it.  Or rather you did it.  From people fo goodwill we've raised the money to restore this unique record of the battle for justice for first nations people in Australia. NINGLA - A'NA is a legendary documentary film shot inside the embassy and up close to all the major players. No other film record gets as close to the struggle as this.  This 72 minute film is an extraordinary insight to the ongoing battle for justice and is in danger of being lost forever as it's condition deteriorates.  With the cultural authorities declining to assist the restoration of the film we went out to people of good will and raised the money to make a beautiful high definition scan and clean scratches and glue from the images. It should be ready in about six weeks


SYNOPSIS: Based on a true story this award winning feature film is extraordinary for it's social awareness and the fact that it was one of the first feature films made at the rebirth of australian production in the early 70's. it is the story of bill donald, an alcoholic who is committed to a hospital for the criminally insane until he can prove his eligibility to be released. Bill Donald is a liar, a cheat, an alcoholic and a human being trapped in a bureaucratic nightmare.  At a time when farce and sex were all the go 27A brought gravitas to the Australian scene.  Inspired by the work of Ken Loach in the U.K. the film is rooted in a social realism that connected it to an international tide.  The films wone best film and best actor at the Austrlian Film Institute Awards.  Not bad for film makers aged in their eearly twenties.  Producer, Haydn Keenan is still the youngest winner of best film in the history of the awards.


Censorship Rating: M
Length: 87 Minutes
Country of Origin: Australia
Year of Production: 1974
Producer: Haydn Keenan
Director: Esben Storm
Performers: Robert Mcdarra, Bill Hunter & Richard Moir

Australian Film Institute Award - Best Feature Film. AFI Award - Best Actor, Robert Mcdarra.

Reviews: "27A is a quite remarkable film which will provoke and disturb anyone who sees it" - Andrew McKay Melb. Herald
"..one of the best features so far produced here, adorned with bitter and sometimes funny dialogue, rich characterizations,
a sense of place as distinct from an eagerness to exploit the picturesque and a storyline with some texture in it." -Sandra Hall, The Bulletin
"Puts to shame a good deal of the commercially available stuff we have seen so far." - Jack Clancy Nation Review
Subject area Independant feature film/ Social Welfare/ Psychology/Nursing
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For the last 45 years we've shot films all round the world on a wide variety of subjects. From sport to politics and art we have a unique library of moving and still images. We make these available to filmmakers and private individuals for use in other films or just to own personally.  In particular our extraordinary range of surveillance films and photographs are a unique resource.

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Looted treasure, IRA terror, Dandies, Winston Churchill, Zombies, show biz scoundrels and aunt Mabel's millions.  


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    Terry Southern

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    The Hippest Guy On The Planet

Dr. Strangelove, Candy, Magic Christian, Easyrider you name it Terry Southern had a profound influence on American cinema and our understanding of the absurdity of life.