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Ningla-A'Na Streaming

Our first streaming film avalaible to watch on your computer now

We're pleased to announce that Alessandro Cavadini's historic documentary Ningla-A'Na is now available to watch via streaming on your computer.  For $5.00 you can watch the whole film without the cost or delay of a DVD.  This unique history of the 1972 Aboriginal Tent Embassy grows more valuable each year.  This year is the fortieth anniversary of what many regard as the most significant political protest in the struggle for justice and landrights for Aborigines. Ningla-A'Na captures the drama from the inside.  A film you'll never forget.

                                                                      Tent Embassy_by_Noel_Hazard_0002

To watch the film click through to it's catalogue page, click the "Rent Movie" link and enter standard info.  Payment can be by paypal, credit card or debit card.  It's quick and you can be watching the film within a couple of minutes.