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The Yeast Is Red

THE YEAST IS REDYeast 135 kb front pageClick the cover to download

Now, for the first time comes a seering tale of revolution, sex and Gestetner machines.   Torn from the pages of life, this recently discovered text, lifts the lid on the revolutionaries, cadres and part time insurrectionists holed up in The Bakery in Melbourne during the late 1960s. With every move watched by the security services and the psycho sexual pressure reaching boiling point, this explosive tale is an unforgettable journey into the dark byways of dialectic materialism.  From the pen of hard hitting scribe and historian Ken Mansell here for your pleasure is the illustrated, digital, interactive edition of The Yeast Is Red.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll stare in wonder at the adventures of the Monash Labor Club. Using previous unseen research materials from our Award winning TV series PERSONS OF INTEREST, this unique document is free to down load, its even got end notes.  In exchange we want you to buy the DVD of our series. Do yourself a favour and buy PERSONS OF INTEREST here and maintain the rage.

tribute to mike idols news

Tribute to cinematographer
Michael Edols
from Haydn Keenan

Michael Edols was the man who gave our first feature film it's distinctive look.  While the rest of the Australian film industry wass plodding through wide brown historical melodramas, we were more interested in what was happening internationally. From Ken Loach to Haskell Wexler, the verite school was in the ascendancy and Michael became the pre-eminent Australian exponent of getting the camera into the action.  He died suddenly last month and a tribute was organised by local film makers.  Here is the video tribute from Smart St's Haydn Keenan to the man who shot our Award winning first feature film 27A.


Retro Report in Development with ABC-TV



March 2018:  Smart St has entered an agreement with ABC-TV to develop a documentary series for their digital platform.   RETRO REPORT AUSTRALIA is a web-based series of bite sized high quality news documentaries. Based on the U.S. version, currently hosted on the NEW YOR TIMES platform, RETRO REPORT will look at major news stories from the last forty years by producing stylish 10-12 minute films which summarise the news story, analyse the media coverage and using fresh interviews and research bring the story up to date casting light on policy making, Government and how the story‚Äôs consequences have affected us

In the increasingly hectic 24 hours news cycle significant stories often fade from view quickly. What happened in the end; to the disaster, the corrupt behaviour, or the personalities who were so high profile for a moment. RETRO REPORT is the final draft on the biggest news stories and a timely addition to the news cycle.  Using award winning producers, journalists and editors RR will go back over the source material, find eye witnesses and re-examine the news coverage to produce high quality short form documentaries.

Make It Australian


With Conservative Governments and Foreign combines once again pushing for Australian quotas to be removed from local TV it's probably an appropriate time to note that this struggle has been going on for more than fifty years and the local content we do have on TV has been hard fought for over those years.  

During the research for our award winning intelligence series PERSONS OF INTEREST we came across the film below in the Australian Intelligence & Security Organisation (ASIO) film vault.  It's a protest march organised by member of Actors Equity in 1956 to protest the lack of quotas for Australian content on TV and the consequent swamping of the airwaves with American product.  ASIO's interest in this was triggered by the fact that the Communist Party of Australia supported quotas for local content and in the illogical logic of the spymasters these actors were therefore a front for the Communist plot they never actually exposed.  This didn't stop ASIO from opening files on Actors Equity, Leonard Teale and a number of others featured in this film.  Sounds absurd all these years later but it's a sober warning that if you don't stand up for local production it can easily be smashed by those with no vested interest in it. Check #makeitaustralian


You can pick up the boxed set of PERSON OF INTEREST here