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Producers & Distributors of High Quality Australian Film and Television

We've got quality not quantity. We break the ice for others to follow.

On this site you will find details of our past film production, direct sales info, 

who we are, what we've got in development plus bits about our heros.

                BONDIWOOD was a blast.

30 movies in 4 days, all made by locals. More than a 1000 people watched films, participated in Q+As and saw panels with Australia's leading filmmakers offering pointers on how to get your project up, what to do if you've only got a phone and want to make a movie.  The bar was happening with plenty of young people picking the brains of experieced producers - hopefully buying them a few drinks as they did. There was an great sense of film community and goodwill.  The thing was cool and that's hard to do but the grins on people's faces as they left spoke volumes for the inpretentious, high energy feel the festival exuded. With the number of pictures made by Bondi residents we didn't get to let see if we can make this an annual event.

A Smart St. Taster

Here's a taster of a few of the films we have on DVD.  They're high quality mainly Australian and hard to find.   They're all available from our catalogue



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For the last 45 years we've shot films all round the world on a wide variety of subjects. From sport to politics and art we have a unique library of moving and still images. We make these available to filmmakers and private individuals for use in other films or just to own personally.  In particular our extraordinary range of surveillance films and photographs are a unique resource.

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For HD movies or hand printed stills on acid free paper contact us: 

In Development

Looted treasure, IRA terror, Dandies, Winston Churchill, Zombies, show biz scoundrels and aunt Mabel's millions.  


We've got a wide ranging slate in development.READ MORE


    Terry Southern

terry southern          
    The Hippest Guy On The Planet

Dr. Strangelove, Candy, Magic Christian, Easyrider you name it Terry Southern had a profound influence on American cinema and our understanding of the absurdity of life.