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In Development

The Meaning Of Zombies

 We're at treatment stage of a fun new piece.  They're on your TV, your phone and your playstation.  They're more prevalent than at any time since the 1960s.  ZOMBIES are the monster du jour.  Everyone's doing it.                           

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Walking for charity, used as a metaphor for almost everything, and attracting more attention than every before, Zombies are the faceless other coming to overthrow civilization.  Our new film - The Meaning Of Zombies is a fun mash up of everything undead.  The definitive look at the world's most popular monster.

Zombies, thousands of them. At the movies, in computer games, on Facebook - they're everywhere. They’re assembling at conventions or studying the apocalypse from St John to The Walking Dead.  The dead hordes have never been more prevalent.  Zombies are more popular now than any time since they first appeared in Bela Lugosi’s epic film White Zombie in 1932.  In each episode of this series we take a look at the rise and fall of the things we love to scare us. We take a look at Vampires, Frankenstein's Monster, Werewolves and in this first episode Zombies.

The programmes will be a highly paced mash-up of movies, music, expert interviews and observational footage of the fans and events which make monsters popular. Each of our monsters has a huge tradition of film, art, music, books and pop culture which we trawl to bring our stories to life.


These monsters have proven their pedigrees as stayers in the pantheon of popular culture.  They’re fun, entertaining and ultimately do their job – which is to scare the living daylights out of us.  But they’re much more than that.  They are a mirror held up to us and our society.  What do they say about who we are?  And how have they evolved to reflect our changing society?

The Meaning Of …. series will take us into a world our audience know and love. It will introduce them to sides of their favourite monster they won’t have seen before. This series is perfectly timed to take a large audience captive.

Poet John Cooper Clarke on the fascination with Zombies

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