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In Development

The Slate

Five Minute Call

Theatrical caper movie. Three showbiz scoundrels overcome all odds to revive their careers by putting on a play. In doing so they achieve personal insight and a hit play by accident. FIVE MINUTE CALL is a high energy, character-based comedy in the same genre as THE FULL MONTY. Its appeal lies in the strength of the story and unforgettable characters. Tom’s an ex film star who’s got Parkinson’s disease and medication that addicts him to sex, gambling and shopping. David is a retired comic genius, battling booze and stage fright and George is a noted cult film director with anger management issues. They’ve got a downloaded copy of the script and a motive. All they have to do now is overcome insurmountable odds, thugs, arts bureaucrats, cops, the dead playwright’s necrophiliac executor, mad neurologists and Judy Davis.

This is a hymn to strange and wonderful humanity and the love of putting on a show.

Of Monsters and Men

The first feature documentary to reach inside our psyches and investigate why we’re hooked on fear - and love the things that scare us. Why are Vampires, Werewolves, Evil Machines, Aliens, Devils, Ghosts and of course, Zombies so seductive. Why have we created these fantastic creatures? What do we want from them and what do they say about us?

Monsters have escaped from their traditional hiding places and are now found in film, art, music and pop culture. OF MONSTERS AND MEN will be a highly paced mash-up of movies, music, expert interviews and observational footage of fan events. From Dracula to Twilight, from Walking Dead to Zombie Strippers, monsters are fun, entertaining and ultimately do their job – which is to scare the living daylights out of us.  OF MONSTERS AND MEN explores the religious, psychoanalytic, philosophical and pop-cultural meaning of these glorious aberrations. 

The Inheritance Game

The biggest transfer of money in history is underway now – and it’s all free. The generation that worked hard and paid off their mortgage is dying. For the first time ever, many people have real estate to leave behind when they die. Every man may be a king but ultimately the castle has to be handed on - so begins The Inheritance Game. And at some stage everyone gets to play.

Our documentary series follows the money trail to discover tales of greed avarice, generosity and straight out madness. Centred in the Probate Court, The Inheritance Game reveals dramatic human stories as emotional family disputes are fought out and offspring learn that Dad loved the dog more. From mining magnates billions to Aunt Mabel’s cutlery - every family has an inheritance story.

 The Drape
What have dandies and hippies, Winston Churchill and Teddy boys, poet John Cooper Clarke got in common, - a serious love of fashion.  In this multi part television series, national treasures, John Cooper Clarke take us on a sartorial journey through the history of British tailoring.  Who would connect Winston Churchill with Teddy boys or 18th Century dandies with Carnaby St.?  Or for that matter, rakish guardsmen and the development of the lounge suit?  You will when John Cooper-Clarke uncovers the links that cross generations and centuries revealing the chain of fashion we ourselves are part of.

Our latter day Beau Brummel will reveal the history, technology and pulling power of men’s tailoring while getting a suit  made for himself in Saville Row.  John has the kind of onscreen personality one can only dream of.  He is a national treasure who's combination of wry good humour, intelligence and wit will make for an entertaining journey through the best of British tailoring.  John loves lounge suits, keeping it simple and the idea that if you’re turning heads with what you’re wearing you’ve done something wrong.