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The Institute For Titling Australian Film

(A founding member of the Academy of Australian Institutes)

The titling of Australian film has been a dilemma for more than thirty years. Too often we've endured titles that are a turn off, make people look away, walk faster past the posters and create an initial response which is negative. Do you want a title like Wendy Cracked A Walnut, Bored Olives, Spotswood or James when you could have a name which rolls off the tongue, sticks in the brain and makes your audience want to know more? Sorry if you produced these, but it's the truth.

What have Mad Max, High Noon, Catch 22 and Psycho got in common?.. title zing that's what.

Using patent pending statistical parsing software, TIFTAF offers that something special to film makers.

A good title won't make a poor film great. But it gives filmmakers the chance to let audiences be the judge. You'll hold your head high and increase box office when people remember the title.

TIFTAF offers a personal and confidential service that gives you the best chance in the market place; whether it be finance or distribution stage.

We read your script, meet with you and talk out your plans. TIFTAF then comes back with a list of potential titles. It's never too late to call TIFTAF, from script to fine cut to troublesome answer print. Our emergency response team is at your service.

Got a director who's absolutely locked onto a bad title? We provide a discreet counselling session with that person to find out what it is they truly want for their film. Trouble at this stage can often be an indicator of potential problems with completion guarantors down the line. For a Producer or Investor - forewarned is forearmed.

For a $250 non refundable first session, why not see if you want a top title? The sky's the limit for your film. $1000 TIFTAF fee covers projects up to $500,000, $1500 up to $1M and $3000 for everything over that. There are no further claims from us regarding your title. What could be fairer? Ask about our "Government-financed-project" discounts.

For a very competitive $500, we provide a comprehensive Title Search for all your E&O requirements. Plus there's our font, poster image and foreign version packages. Talk to us about our one-stop prices.





Marketing's in your budget why not titling? A good title gets the people selling your film off to a flying start. They'll love you for it. People want to associate with a good title.

Our counsellors and titlesmiths are drawn from the disciplines of poetry, grammar, youth, statistics, the general public and experienced theatre owners. A cross discipline think tank at your disposal.

Get real. Get TIFTAF.    
Contact us on our discrete call line:  (61) 2 9356 4500


 T.I.F.T.A.F.  Parsing (Patent Pending) software at work: 

Numeric Driver: 3.10 to Yuma, Twelve Angry Men, 8 1/2

Provides a concrete hook which audiences grab.

Present Participle Action: Going Down, Train Spotting

Can be recessive if not used correctly this one has the ability to be very active in a viewers mind.

Adverb + Present Participle Slider: Desperately Seeking Susan

The adverb qualifies a present participle, making it stronger and more proactive. Attracts the feminine.

Inscrutable Turn And Drive: The Catcher In The Rye, Catch 22, P'tang Yang Kipperbang

The most intricate and intellectually dynamic of all. Unintelligible initially, the title occurs during the film. Catch 22. It expands, turns and drives the plot forward by becoming intelligible. The title becomes an onomatopoeia in the audience's mind. Like Beijing duck, this needs an early TIFTAF booking. (Script stage is recommended)

Gerund Power Point: The Shining

Turn your noun into an active verb. Provides dynamic through flow at first contact with potential audience.

The Noun Pound, with indefinite/definite article or adjective: Psycho, Medium Cool, The Third Man.

The most common title in use but still effective as a direct plant.

52 Card Pick Up: Choose the 52 most important words in the script. We throw them on the floor and pick up the first three/four. (by Negotiation) Used successfully by the Dadaists and Surrealists.

The Cocktail: A mix of the above. Using our Parse Overdrive: select your own grammar categories (Up to 4 in a title available at present), adverb, present participle, noun, adjective. You make the mix: Two Lane Black Top,

Historic Root: Titanic, Alamo

Single word impact generally based on a known historic event. Capitalises on audience general knowledge to fire interest in the subject. Used sparingly and often big budget.

The Name Game: With preparatory phrase or defining adjective: Irma La Douce, Cool Hand Luke, Mad Max, In Search Of Gregory

The Adverb Noun Signal: Strictly Ballroom

Punchy slogan territory. Makes for assertive signs on walls, posters and trailers.

With The Lot:. Dr Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love the Bomb, This Is Spinal Tap.

A whole sentence as a title, often shortened in the public mind to a root phrase but loved for their length and pseud's ability to correct people who only know the root.

Iambic Haiku: Romper Stomper, TIFTAF.

The metre makes it memorable