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gets the green light

Shooting is underway on our new feature documentary HOLMEWOOD. The film tells the story of a small and very unusual school in England in the 1960s filled with children from all round the world where race, religion and class had no meaning. It was multi cultural before the word was invented. We've tracked a number of the boys scattered now, in far flung corners, to find out what effect that extraordinary environment had on the rest of their lives. Are there lessons we can learn in the 21st century about how we educate children? In a time of rising populism, racism and skin deep nationalism HOLMEWOOD is a powerful addition to a very contemporary debate. We're currently shooting in Vancouver, next stop up-state New York, then London, Madrid and Accra.

A Smart St. Taster

Here's a taster of a few of the films we have on DVD.  They're high quality mainly Australian and hard to find.   They're all available from our catalogue



Smart Street Content

Julie Cook Going Down

Every now and then a moment happens when you're making a film that keeps you going.  It's a cockatil of people who come together and produce something far beyond your expectation.  That's what happened one night at the legendary Studio 301 in Sydney some forty years ago when we assembled to record the main theme for our film GOING DOWN.  Ian Nimmo one of the actors had written a song we all thought would suit.  The guitar player's guitar player Tim Piper arranged it and our friend Julie Cook said she'd have a go at singing it.  Spencer Lee was producing for us.  Spencer had recorded every great act in Australia - he'd seen it all.  We laid down an instrument track and then the unknown Julie walked into the studio.  She opened her mouth and the glass in the control room vibrated.  Spencer stared out into the studio transfixed then looked across and asked "Who's this girl?".  That night something special happened.  Julie's not with us anymore but she was one of Australia's great undiscovered talents.
We had a roll of film and cameraman Tony Gailey suggested we shoot a music vid.  It disappeared over the years and only resurfaced a few weeks ago.  Here it is.  A creatiive explosion that had us all amazed.

Persons Of Interest released on DVD

Persons Of Interest DVDcover 

We're pleased to announce the release of our Award winning series PERSONS OF INTEREST as a four disc DVD set.  The discs include all four episodes and nearly two hours of DVD extras including previously unseen ASIO surveillance films, out takes and interviews.  With nearly five hours of programme material this is a value packed set of discs which reveals an unnerving insight into Australia's secret history.  With great reviews. Awards as the documentary of the year and unparalleled public interest in the national screening of the series early this year PERSONS OF INTEREST is a must for anyone with an interest in Australian history, espionage, the surveillance society or as a gift for a radical parent.

Order direct from us and discs are on the way to you in 24 hours.



These copies are for personal home use only.For Educational use, Libraries, Govt. & other organisations This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us direct.



Walking for charity, used as a metaphor for almost everything, and attracting more attention than every before.  Zombies are the faceless other coming to overthrow civilization.  Our new film The Meaning Of Zombies is a fun mash up obvery everything undead.  The definitive look at the world's most popular monster.


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For the last 45 years we've shot films all round the world on a wide variety of subjects. From sport to politics and art we have a unique library of moving and still images. We make these available to filmmakers and private individuals for use in other films or just to own personally.  In particular our extraordinary range of surveillance films and photographs are a unique resource.

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For HD movies or hand printed stills on acid free paper contact us: 

In Development

Looted treasure, IRA terror, Dandies, Winston Churchill, Zombies, show biz scoundrels and aunt Mabel's millions.  


We've got a wide ranging slate in development.READ MORE


    Terry Southern

terry southern          
    The Hippest Guy On The Planet

Dr. Strangelove, Candy, Magic Christian, Easyrider you name it Terry Southern had a profound influence on American cinema and our understanding of the absurdity of life.