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SYNOPSIS:   One hundred years of the Clovelly Rugby League Club.  What starts as a simple story of a community sporting club's history soon turns into an odyssey of how a local sporting group kept it's community together through two world wars, the depression and the modern drift away from community.  It's hard to define what makes a community - People, location, a sense of spirit?  There has to be something which draws all these disaparate elements together and in this case it's the Clovelly Crocs.  This little club has produced some of the greatest players the game has seen but more importantly they've been the glue that's kept their community together.

Censorship Rating: PG
Length: 44 Minutes
Country of Origin: Australia                                                  
Year of Production: 2017
Producer: Nicholas Carroll & Yvonne Haber
Director: Nicholas Carroll
Awards  Official selection Auckland Film Festival
Subject area Sport/Sociology
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