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Producers & Distributors of High Quality Australian Film and Television

We've got quality not quantity. We break the ice for others to follow.

On this site you will find details of our past film production, direct sales info, 

who we are, what we've got in development plus bits about our heros.


See our film NINGLA-A'NA screening at the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia as part of artist Richard Bell's extraordinary exhibition 'EMBASSY'. The exhibition won rave reviews in New York recently and the film is a perfect adjunct to Bell's nuanced and politically sophisticated take on the Aboriginal Tent Embassy set up in front of Parliament House, Canberra in 1972.  The exhibition runs from this Saturday Feb 27th until March 27.  The gallery is at 14 Porter St Parkside. Ph: 08 - 8272 2682 and is open every day.  The films screens continuously old school newsreel style, so stay as long as you want.  You can buy the complete film from us here.


                                                                                    In this clip from NINGLA-A'NA Lawyer Paul Coe and Actor Bob Maza tell it like it is.