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Retro Report in Development with ABC-TV

Category: News



March 2018:  Smart St has entered an agreement with ABC-TV to develop a documentary series for their digital platform.   RETRO REPORT AUSTRALIA is a web-based series of bite sized high quality news documentaries. Based on the U.S. version, currently hosted on the NEW YOR TIMES platform, RETRO REPORT will look at major news stories from the last forty years by producing stylish 10-12 minute films which summarise the news story, analyse the media coverage and using fresh interviews and research bring the story up to date casting light on policy making, Government and how the story‚Äôs consequences have affected us

In the increasingly hectic 24 hours news cycle significant stories often fade from view quickly. What happened in the end; to the disaster, the corrupt behaviour, or the personalities who were so high profile for a moment. RETRO REPORT is the final draft on the biggest news stories and a timely addition to the news cycle.  Using award winning producers, journalists and editors RR will go back over the source material, find eye witnesses and re-examine the news coverage to produce high quality short form documentaries.