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See our film NINGLA-A'NA screening at the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia as part of artist Richard Bell's extraordinary exhibition 'EMBASSY'. The exhibition won rave reviews in New York recently and the film is a perfect adjunct to Bell's nuanced and politically sophisticated take on the Aboriginal Tent Embassy set up in front of Parliament House, Canberra in 1972.  The exhibition runs from this Saturday Feb 27th until March 27.  The gallery is at 14 Porter St Parkside. Ph: 08 - 8272 2682 and is open every day.  The films screens continuously old school newsreel style, so stay as long as you want.  You can buy the complete film from us here.


                                                                                    In this clip from NINGLA-A'NA Lawyer Paul Coe and Actor Bob Maza tell it like it is.


Hanna - CD & DVD

Ross Hannaford is one of Australia's greatest guitarists. We Have his new CD and a unique DVD available to order for $25.00.  All proceeds will go to the man who is currently suffering ill health.  The CD is packed with Hanna's elegant guitar stylings while the DVD is a rare insight into the man his childhood, his spiritual life and rock stardom - all told in that unique Hanna way.                                                                           

                                                           order DVD                       order CD

Backroads screening

Rare outing on the big screen.

If you're out Parramatta way on Wednesday September 9th there's a rare chance to see this outstanding roadmovie on the big screen.
Directed by Phillip Noyce and starring screen legend Bill Hunter and Aboriginal activist Gary Foley this is one of the best films made in the country.
Tough, entertaining and beautifully photographed this is a memorable antrant in a category dominated by American films and stands up extremely werll.

There's a Q&A with Director Noyce after the showing which is happening at the Riverside Theatre Parramatta.

For more info and tickets go here.  We've got the DVD and you can buy it here.



Do you want to add points to your box office, interest from your audience and profile to your film then you ought to conside TIFTAF.  The Institute For Titling Australian Film is a discrete department working within Smart St.  For too long Australian films have laboured under the weight of titles which, no matter how good the film, have sabotaged their own chances of success.    


With all due respect, which film are you going to pay to see BORED OLIVES or TWO LANE BLACKTOP?  It's not rocket science. Your title is the first contact an audience has with your film.  Tempt them.  

So many Australian films have titles which make potential audiences avert their eyes that we though we should do something about it.  We came up with TIFTAF.  TIFTAF will help you choose a title which will make audiences say "Wow, what's that about?"  It's a dark art but one that 3.10 TO YUMA, MEAN STREETS, COOL HAND LUKE and WEST SIDE STORY have in common - it's simply a great title.  Give yourself a chance and check TIFTAF