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The Best Rugby Films Ever Made


Over the years we've made a couple of great documentaries with the Australian Rugby team, the Wallabies.  The Running Game and The African Campaign feature some of the greatest players ever to represent Australia. Now we've made them available on DVD.  Touring for 3 months, living on ten pounds a day, 30 blokes gave up their day jobs to represent their country.  It was a time before players were brands and spoke in sound bites, these films represent the true spirit of the game. 

The Running Game follows the Ella brothers, Mark Loane, John Hipwell, Michael O'Connor, Simon Poidevin  and the legendary Stan Pilecki on a tour of the U.K. through the worst winter of the century.

The African Campaign features Nick Farr-Jones, David Campese, Tim Horan and Jason Little, and the young John Eales on the first sanctioned tour to South Africa.


These films are not highlights packages or greatest tries videos; they are stand alone documentary films.  Meet the Wallabies and go on tour.  These films are as close to being selected as you can get.  Spectacular sports coverage mixed with the personal stories of these great teams. 

"All sporting documentaries should be this good"..Sydney Morning Herald

We've got a freshly made batch of DVDs of our two great Rugby films for sale now by credit card or cheque/money order.  If after seeing the films you don't think they're worth $10 we'll refund the cost of the disc.

Here's a clip from our film "THE RUNNING GAME" which sums it up

Bread Of Heaven

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy - 40 years on


Hungry for our land

On the night of January 26th 1972 a small group of Aboriginal men drove from Sydney to begin the most significant protest for land rights and equity in the history of the indigenous struggle in Australia. In the darkness opposite parliament house they pitched a beach umbrella and hung a sign on it which read: Aboriginal Embassy.




                                                     Ningla - A'Na - Protesters confront police 


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