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Wally Clayton aka 'Klod' KGB agent. length 8'45"

Category: ASIO Surveillance Films


Wally Clayton ran a spy ring supplying information to the Soviet Embassy from the late 1940s. His code name was 'Klod'. These films were shot by ASIO as they tracked his movements and contacts. Although they knew he was spying they were unable to have him charged without revealing bhow they knew what he was doing and thus exposing one of the great secrets of the 20th century. Venona was a code break,ing project which succeeded in cracking the complex Soviet codes and allowed the Allies to read all Soviet diplomatic cables. ASIO therefore spent decades unsuccessfully trying to get Clayton to admit his guilt. This surveillance was designed to put pressure on his. This footage was shot at 27 Station St. Baulkham Hills in Sydney where he lived. In early shots can be seen a large fair haired man who acted as Clayton's minder. This footage was used in the documentary series Persons Of Interest.