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National Service Intake Demonstration Richmond, Melbourne July 17 1968 length 5'23"

Category: ASIO Surveillance Films


Prime Minister Robert Menzies had introducede universal conscription for all males aged 18 to supply troops for the war in Vietnam.  The impact across all sections of society was dramatic and provided stimulus for a broad coalition of political groups to oppose conscription also the war itself.  The Vietnam War could very well be seen as one of the radicalising events in Australia atr the time.  


This film shows a demonstration against conscription in Swan St Richmond and inner suburb of Melbourne on July 17, 1968.  If your birthdate was drawn from a barrel all males born on that date were required to report for duty in the Army.  The old Engineers depot in Swan St., now the site of the new Rugby ground, was the place for Melbourne conscripts to report.  It was also where various groups opposed to the war held demonstrations.  ASIO had a camera set up in the Engineers building. This films shows women from the Save Our Sons group as well as radicals from the Worker Student Alliance protesting.  Well know revolutionary Arthur Dent, formerly known as Albert Langer can be seen at the fence with his wife Kerry Miller at 4'00".